Monday, July 12, 2010

The Boy in the Woods: Human Form

During one of my many shooting trips to Harpswell, I met this boy. He seemed interested in what I was doing and hung around while I aimed my camera at all sorts of weird things. After I tried to explain why someone would want to take pictures of old tires and dead trees, he agreed to take part in the madness.

I would love to find this person, now in his forties. He was a charming child, and perhaps still lives in Harpswell. Will this blog find him? The Boy in the Woods?

The Lost Boy will be our segue into another emerging theme: the human form.

At first it was noticing the shapes my child made in the sunshine.

Lorel also did some modeling, the beginning of a long project with the classic nude. 

These images are all new to my eyes. Of course I can remember the time and place, but these negatives have remained unseen for forty-five years. Thanks to digital editing, it is now possible to restore them and bring them into the light.

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